Price comparison websites: consumer perceptions and experiences (published July 2013)

Kate Downer, Aino Pietikäinen and Charlotte Crichton with Sania Haq, Rhiannon Jones and Fiona Pannell Consumer Futures commissioned this research to explore consumer experiences of price comparison websites in terms of awareness, trust and confidence, user behaviour, accessibility and usability, and potential related concerns.The research is now enabling Consumer Futures to advise stakeholders on consumer…


Household financial decision making: Qualitative research with couples (research conducted for DWP, November 2012)

DWP qual research with couplesA study that forms part of DWP’s ongoing workplace pension reforms research programme. Purpose was to explore and better understand way that couples make financial decisions, both in general, and specifically regarding retirement. The research consisted of qualitative in-home interviews with 24 couples who were married/ long-term relationships. Click here