New Transport Research Report | Rail and compensation delays

The Department for Transport and Transport Focus have published the latest rail and compensation delays research report. Building on research we conducted in 2016, our study assessed the propensity of passengers to claim compensation when they are delayed. Our research also explored passengers’ awareness of their eligibility to claim compensation; the experiences of rail passengers…


ORR: Research into passenger experiences of Passenger Assist

In 2016-17, 1.2 million requests for assistance were booked by passengers to help them complete their journeys. This service is called ‘Passenger Assist’.

ORR commissioned us to explore passenger experiences of Passenger Assist across the whole process, from booking through to receiving assistance. We also evaluated overall satisfaction with this service . Our research has provided a robust evidence base that allowed  ORR to identify where arrangements for Assisted Travel can be strengthened.

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Auto-enrolment: the journey has just begun

Almost no government research was published over the election period and summer recess, but now the logjam has finally been broken with a flurry of reports.

As City AM reported today, our latest research for DWP has shown that small and micro-employers are really embracing auto-enrolment.

We explored the experiences and views of 70 small and micro employers and their workers. And we also look at how employees might react to the government’s planned increases to the minimum contribution levels.

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Writing home: how the meaning of ‘home’ is changing – and what brands need to do in response

We Breaking Bluers are big on extra-curricular activities. When we aren’t cycling from Glasgow to Battersea, supporting our company charities or … supporting our local pubs … we like nothing more than a natter about the broader issues that affect the work we do. A few months ago, we hit on the idea of ‘home,’ suspecting that what it means is changing, and that brands should show consumers they understand.



Consumerism in China has come a long way since the initial market policies of the early 1980s. A whole generation has now been born into China’s burgeoning consumer society, and they are departing from the less commercial views of their parents. This generation is shaping China’s development – it is their attitudes and buying habits that will impact on how the West responds to, and works with, China’s growth.

In this presentation, Alison Hulme outlines some of the key trends in China’s consumer market, examining the attitudes behind consumerism in 21st Century; looking at, for example, generational differences in consumerism, the popularity of copycat goods and the reasons behind certain brand messaging successes and failures.

Read ‘Understanding the Chinese consumer in the 21st century’ here.


Transport Focus: Rail delays and compensation – what passengers want

transport-focusEvidence from this latest research provides valuable insight into passengers’ experience of delays and claiming compensation. It shows a significant increase in the number of eligible passengers claiming compensation, from 12 per cent in 2013 to 35 per cent in 2016. The findings also help understand why some passengers don’t claim compensation.

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