Print is dead, long live print!

Kate Anderson

Just a quick note as it’s been a busy week what with rebranding and all!

I was really interested to see this Trend Hunter article on interactive print ads. It hit on a subject close to my heart.

Who says print is dead? Generally the smarter money sees digital as sorting the wheat from the chaff – as the pro-print report we produced for Canon shows (published under our old brand name RS Consulting), print lives on – as our respondents were eager to tell us, print is effective – it can be written on, pointed at, handed out, shared with others, put in the post and so on.

But is it a case of pitting print against digital? Really the answer is bring the two worlds together – combine digital and print and their impact increases exponentially.

As this Marketing Donut article highlighted last year, there are multiple ways to do that through customisation of content and innovative print formats, e.g.:

  • Make sure your message is targeted, leverage search and purchase history to make sure your message focuses on the customer as an individual
  • Look at interactive formats e.g. through innovative folds, personalised messaging and attention-getting post-press finishing, such as foil stamping, die cutting, embossing, UV coating, metallic inks, scratch-off and dimensional mailers

But what’s really interesting is seeing true interaction between digital and print and what this can achieve – check out the C&A Brazil’s “like Ad” project by Brazilian agency DM9DDB⁰ . By building a chip which stores and transmits personal data into “Like Ads” in print magazines, they were able to incorporate the Facebook thumbs up button into a print ad – hit the button and your thumbs up is registered without you having to activate a device. Your like is then published in your timeline.

But it’s also worth looking back at some other examples highlighted in the article e.g. The Becks playable poster (2014) The Wired Motorola Moto X (2013).

These examples are all “world firsts” but watch this space – while a gimmick now it will eventually become the norm.