Our experience at Breaking Blue

A blog written by Chardonnay Wiltshire and Victoria Bell, students at the Lambeth Academy of London, following their one week’s work experience here at Breaking Blue in July, 2018.

Year 10 – the year of work experience. Every student bears the fear of having a really rubbish job placement – it’s just a fact. But in late March, our school came to us with the offer of working with a company called ‘Breaking Blue’ and we were instantly hooked  – we had no idea what market research was and we were very intrigued.

However, when we got told that it was an office job, the thought of the word ‘office’ immediately sprung images of dull grey walls, heaps and heaps of files piled upon desks, miserable workers and overall a very boring place! But Breaking Blue was the complete opposite.

When we started the work experience in July, we were greeted with warm smiles painted all-round the office, massive vibrant baskets of fruit in the kitchen, neat and comfortable desks and walls painted in bright colours.

Our first day was based on getting to know Breaking Blue and learning how they operate as a company as well as meeting the staff. We were also shown how to use the office utilities such as printers, scanners and the computers.

As the week progressed, we were given tasks that were intended to develop key skills such as  verbal and written communication, our attention to detail as well as our organisational abilities. The given tasks included travel bookings, collecting data for newspaper companies and using programs such as Excel. Our first task involved us scanning documents, sending those documents to our email accounts and sorting them under appropriate names and into their designated files. We found this task fairly easy, although it was quite time-consuming, and it required a lot of attention to detail as we had to make sure we were sorting them into the correct files. The task also developed our skills in working with advanced office facilities and handling important data.

Breaking Blue nourished our concentration while also establishing our eye for detail.

In conclusion, our involvement here at Breaking Blue has left an incredible impact on us. We’ve thoroughly appreciated our time here alongside the useful new skills we will be taking home with us. Breaking Blue offered a very different environment to what we are used to – we weren’t for example spoon fed and we were allowed to get on with the tasks independently without being supervised the whole time. This in turn has broadened our understanding of office life.

We are very appreciative of everyone we have met during our week here as they were friendly with welcoming attitudes and presented us with a great insight to the world of market research.

Everyone here at Breaking Blue left an outstanding impression on us that we will never forget and we are eternally thankful for this opportunity. The atmosphere here was uplifting and we were happy with how spacious and comfortable our workspaces were – we will miss it dearly!