How good does your office make you feel?

Anna Roberts

Anna RobertsHonestly? Pretty good!

After attending a recent Wellbeing event I returned to the office feeling very enthusiastic about the whole topic and wondered how we could improve wellbeing in our office as well as getting the rest of the team participating in this important and very relevant topic. Having discussed this with my manager I was really pleased when he signed off the programme of events I had put together for the summer months – events which are fun, engaging and enjoyable – and WaFitOoF[1] was born!

Smoothie BikesSince the programme began at the beginning of May we have entertained a smoothie bike in the office, where staff pedalled to create a smoothie of their choice, planted seeds to create our very own herb garden, have had fruit boxes delivered to the office and of course not forgetting the head, neck and shoulder massages we had to help bust that stress! Not only  have staff had things to look forward to each Friday but I have noticed that my colleagues are talking about them.

We’ve created those ‘watercooler moments’ which I think are so important in an office. They engage staff – even if they are chatting about how they wished pineapples had been included in the fruit boxes or excitement when shoots started to appear in the herbs we planted. It has created a positive vibe in the office and it is exciting to see. And we have so much more to come before summer is out!

Herb GardenThis nicely leads me onto another company initiative which, like the Wellbeing programme, makes me feel good (and proud) about where I work. Our current recycling programme shows we are committed to developing and maintaining efficient waste management and recycling procedures and this is a topic very close to my heart – if you read my last blog you will know how important recycling is to me. Although everyone here at Breaking Blue is very good in terms of putting correct waste in the correct bins, I wanted to get people thinking about, and acting on green ideas and initiatives. I decided to form a team and discovered colleagues who are equally as enthusiastic about all things green as I am – and yes this was another ‘watercooler moment’! And so Go Green was formed with its official kick off during Green Office Week.

fionOur aim as a team is to make the office more green by generating enthusiasm amongst all our staff, and to keep the momentum going, which we started during Green Office Week.  If we have encouraged one member of staff to use the Bags for Life we have bought for office use and educated another to switch off the lights when they leave a meeting room the n surely we have done some good for the planet?  And furthermore if they then change their behaviour at home as well as in the office then it is so encouraging to know we are helping to spread the word on what is deemed good practice when it comes to the environment.

So all in all, work deadlines aside and any stress put back in its box, Breaking Blue makes me feel pretty positive and motivated at the moment. Both the wellbeing and recycling programmes we have in place have to be budgeted for but Breaking Blue is prepared to invest in both to create a more engaged and motivated workforce – so thank you!

[1] WaFitOoF = Wellbeing and Fitness in the Office on Fridays