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Breaking Blue nominated runner-up for global award of ‘Best Place to Work’ 2019

Edinburgh, 10th September 2019 – I am writing this on a train back from the ESOMAR Congress in the lovely Edinburgh as I…

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12th September 2019 | Training and engaging employees | Emanuela Lombardi

Let’s have a heated debate! Data ethics, GDPR, and what marketers need now

On Monday I dragged my colleague/ dear friend, Andrew Wood, to a debating group session at the House of Commons. The motion…

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24th July 2019 | Other, Best practice in research | Kate Downer

What we expected from the world of work and how it compared

A blog written by Michael and Ephraim, students at the Lambeth Academy, during their one week work experience at Breaking Blue in…

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15th July 2019 | Other | Breaking Blue

Getting NPD right: the health-tech sector

The application of tech innovation to healthcare problems is genuinely transforming both the health sector and the tech sector, faster than ever…

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25th June 2019 | Health-tech, Developing new products and services | Martin Wootton