Auto-enrolment: the journey has just begun

Almost no government research was published over the election period and summer recess, but now the logjam has finally been broken with a flurry of reports.

As City AM reported today, our latest research for DWP has shown that small and micro-employers are really embracing auto-enrolment.

We explored the experiences and views of 70 small and micro employers and their workers. And we also look at how employees might react to the government’s planned increases to the minimum contribution levels.

Read the full report here:

Taking design to the Boardroom

There were queues round the block last weekend for the opening of the Design Museum at its new location in Kensington. The development itself has always been controversial; repurposing the former Commonwealth Institute with the assistance of a significant financial contribution from flats built on the boundaries of the site. Reactions to the interior have also been mixed, but with 8,000 visitors on the first day there can be little doubting the public’s interest.