Food for thought. Literally.

RachelA rather disappointing weekend visit to a local gastro-pub has induced my latest blog and got me thinking about customer service and the customer feedback process. On this occasion the food order I made wasn’t complex – a prawn sandwich with a side of coleslaw – but, alas, it didn’t live up to expectations.

If you’d have asked me to score the food overall I’d probably have given it a 3, maybe 4 out of 5, but if you’d asked me why and probed a little, I’d have told you that first impressions were very good. The presentation was great and the food looked appetising. But sadly it didn’t taste anywhere near as good as it looked.

To game or not to game: an investigation of the impact of survey visualisation and gamification

how to gamify surveysThis paper describes our unique experiment on the impact of visualisation and gamification on survey design for a low-engagement topic. This paper, which has also been featured in the International Journal of Market Research, explores why, when compelling evidence for the impact of more engaging surveys exists, the average survey has changed little in recent years.