Should we let employees have unlimited holidays?

I receLouiseA_smallntly went to the MRS Travel and Tourism Conference, and the most interesting thing I learnt there didn’t actually have much to do with travel or tourism. Helen Rose of the 7Stars and Lesley Dusart of Exterion Media did a great presentation on debunking myths about the travel sector, in which they reported that 46% of us agreed that we get the right amount of annual leave. In other words, only half of us at most are angling to get more than our allowance.

Stirring the sleeping giant: Latin America in the spotlight

Martin_small2It’s the Rio Olympics this year, and the world will once again turn its attention to Brazil, and Latin America as a whole. Press coverage of the region is regularly unfair and negative, largely through ignorance and scaremongering, so a renewed focus might dispel some myths and shine light where it’s needed.

Yes, there is economic uncertainty – just as there is in other ‘emerging’ markets – but the region is tipped to grow strongly from 2017 onwards, and may well benefit from an Olympic-sized boost.

Anonymous feedback can feel like a slap in the face

NiallBJust the other week I was speaking with a client who’s still using the report from one of our global studies to drive their strategy 3 years on from when the research was completed – that’s what I like to hear!

The report contains some very powerful quotes, many anonymous, which hit home that our client was underperforming on customer service and was at risk of losing some major accounts. Nothing says “wake up and do something about it” like this ‘smack in the face insight’, and like any good business our client was prepared to take it on the chin and move forward.