Building a Productive Relationship Between Agency and Client: Shaping Product Design that Connects with What Consumers Really Want

Join us at QUAL360 in Berlin on 8th February! Our consumer insight specialist Kate Downer, together with our client, Melissa Blow at Samworth Brothers, will be: Examining a worked example of a ‘test and learn’ design – guided by real-time insights, and responsive to ongoing feedback Discussing the best way to build a simple, effective, and…

Work experience at Breaking Blue

To say “I have had work experience at Breaking Blue” doesn’t really do justice to what the company can do for you during your work experience week(s) and what you can do for them. To me, before Breaking Blue, work experience was a time to sit in a job, be surrounded by every-day chores and tasks that were average to a working day. I thought that was a regular experience, however, Breaking Blue have endeavoured to do so much more.