Auto-enrolment: the journey has just begun

Almost no government research was published over the election period and summer recess, but now the logjam has finally been broken with a flurry of reports.

As City AM reported today, our latest research for DWP has shown that small and micro-employers are really embracing auto-enrolment.

We explored the experiences and views of 70 small and micro employers and their workers. And we also look at how employees might react to the government’s planned increases to the minimum contribution levels.

Read the full report here:

Is insurance finally coming of age?

PeggyY_small1Few people would challenge the fact that consumers’ buying habits have changed enormously over recent years and when it comes to general insurance this is no exception. Long gone are the days when you would walk up your local high street to purchase your car or home insurance from an office-based broker.

Not only would that seem inconvenient these days – something most of us could only do on a Saturday – it somehow feels that you have less control over what options you are presented with and the ultimate cost.

Retirement 2016 – Pension Redemption


In December, Andrew Wood’s blog painted a grim picture of retirement 20 years in the future.

As 2016 dawns he looks at the decisions we can take now to avoid this.

Happy new year one and all.

I hope my Christmas blog didn’t depress you too much. It was based upon real evidence, including research studies we’ve done for the DWP, NEST, the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association and others – albeit with some extrapolation, creative licence and Christmas beers thrown in.

Retirement 2035 – where did it all go wrong?

andyWIn this 2-part blog, Andrew Wood looks at the vital choices facing UK pension policy.

Part 1: what could happen if we take the wrong decisions… with the benefit of 20 years’ hindsight.

As Christmas 2035 approaches, we reflect on a year that’s seen pension providers go bust, millions facing retirement without the income and security they need, and most of the UK’s employees now refusing to save into a pension.

How did we get here? Before his resignation last week, Prime Minister Johnson blamed the crisis on the collapse in worldwide markets, but its roots in fact go back two decades.