Sustainability – time to stop talking and start doing

If I had a dollar for every time I’d been tasked with finding out what customers think “sustainability” means I’d be a rich lady today!  For many years now, clients from across a full range of business sectors have been busy picking their customers’ brains to understand how important it is to customers and what they should do to meet their needs with regards to sustainability.

What are you scared of?

vanessaFHalloween…the perfect time to think about things that scare us the most: monsters, ghosts, witches… and believe it or not my biggest fear has always been Business Development rather than anything else. I always connected these two words with the terrifying word ‘SALES’…

Just the idea of having to do sales gave me goose bumps. It is quite simply a role I didn’t feel comfortable with: it doesn’t come to me naturally and to be honest I also believed I didn’t have the skills to do it. If someone asked me I would say: ‘that’s not for me!’