Using eye tracking to test app usability among its users

The challenge

Our client, a major transport operator, had recently launched its app to allow customers to book tickets and check times. Before launching its next update, they needed to understand how users interact with the app, what they think of it and what they use it for (ticket purchase, checking train times etc.).

The Breaking Blue solution

We recognised the need for user testing among the target audience and delivered this using a combination of eye tracking, observation and depth interviewing to measure real-time eye movements. Eye tracking enabled us to understand which features of the app users were – and more importantly weren’t – engaging with by identifying which aspects of the app design users attended to.


By combining what users said they do (via dept interviewing) and what they actually did (through eye tracking and observation), we were able to build a more holistic picture to inform the next version of the app. Our feedback will save both time and money in app redesign by addressing the issues that matter.

The value and usefulness of this work to our client was reflected in their feedback:

“Breaking Blue recommended additional elements to this particular research, namely eye tracking, which gave us valuable insight and outputs. They are a great agency to work with, and their reporting is both analytical and intelligent, both key qualities I would look for in a research partner.”

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