Turning shopper insight into consumer strategy

Creating real-life, real-time engagement with real shoppers; using consumer research to drive innovation and action.

The challenge

The client, and their own clients at Tesco, wanted to ‘bring to life’ the food to go shopper, building genuinely customer-centric strategy around the wants, needs and motivations of real people: specifically, the Tesco 5 Families.

The Breaking Blue solution

Our shopper insight specialists attended the client’s off-site strategy day, joining a review of their category data before briefing stakeholders for a programme of one-to-one accompanied shopping trips, which our consumer insight team had designed and recruited. In the afternoon, we moderated a shopper insight workshop, identifying key themes from the shopping trips, and developing three of the resulting ideas into an 18-month action plan, using a ‘World Café’ approach.


The insights we gathered through the accompanied shops and our workshop led to a detailed, SMART action plan by the end of the day. Our client is working towards implementing the three key ideas we identified and developed – all of which are grounded firmly in real consumer research.

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