Leading business by design – The aerospace sector

Our B2B research team worked with Design Council to reveal the extent to which leading UK businesses are turning to design as a way to stimulate innovation, evolve their internal culture, differentiate their products and services, and ultimately grow their businesses.

The challenge

In conjunction with an aerospace consultant, we were commissioned to deliver a B2B research project by the Design Council with the ultimate aim of increasing awareness of the strategic importance of design in high-value add manufacturing sectors.

The Breaking Blue solution

We delivered a programme of in-depth interviews with leading industry players in the sector. Participants included airlines, airframe manufacturers, the supply chain, design agencies and universities with reputed aerospace faculties.


The insight we gathered paints a rich picture of design strengths, as well as understanding how and where design and creativity exist in the supply chain. The report has been published and is available at: http://www.designcouncil.org.uk/resources/report/leading-business-design-aerospace-sector

The project culminated in the Leading Business by Design Summit, bringing together manufacturers, business leaders, designers and policymakers where the Breaking Blue team presented the findings and The Design Council is now using the findings to advise the aerospace industry on best practice use in design and how it can lead to improved business productivity and growth.

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