Driving growth in automotive packaging

Packaging matters! Getting it right in the world of automotive where supply chains are long and decision makers difficult to establish takes real industry know how and B2B research expertise.

The  challenge

A leading provider of packaging solutions to the automotive manufacturing sector came to us seeking help to better understand growth opportunities for their business. They wanted to learn how they could bring clarity and creativity to their packaging.

The Breaking Blue solution

Through a semi-structured survey of decision-makers at tier 1 manufacturing plants and HQs across Europe, our B2B research team were able to build up a clear picture of current packaging behaviours and needs. We also critically reviewed our client’s value proposition by assessing alignment with customers’ needs and values.


The insights we got from across the supply chain allowed us to paint a clear picture of the opportunities for new products and services, identifying the areas offering the greatest scope for business growth. Our B2B research team also recommended enhancements to their marketing messages, re-presenting their products and services as solutions to real and pressing client needs. The recommendations are being incorporated into our client’s latest marketing strategy.

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