Creating a website for young transport users

Engaging with young people, or any vulnerable group, in a safe yet creative environment can present organisations with a real challenge. Using online communities and our expert researchers, we’re able to maintain and stimulate creative conversations, allowing clients to create effective targeted websites.

The challenge

Centro, in partnership with the Local Sustainable Transport fund (LSTF), had developed the Future Travel on-line resource targeted at secondary school staff and pupils. They wanted to know its performance and explore options for making improvements.

The Breaking Blue solution

We ran a series of depth interviews with teachers and delivery partners to understand their needs, the challenges faced in both using the website and in delivering the extra-curricular programme. We undertook research with school children; in the form of mini-focus groups to probe their experiences of the extra-curricular programme, and devised a programme of activities to evaluate experiences of using the website.


We presented a detailed report alongside supporting vox pops and Centro has subsequently implemented many of our suggestions. Users are now spending longer on its website and are reporting a more positive and effective learning experience.

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