Brand repositioning for a premium distiller

No matter how strong the product, or in this case how tasty the whisky, if your brand isn’t being considered then your market is limited. Our confident and thorough B2B and consumer research advice to a premium distiller enable them re-focus their proposition to resonate with their target market.

 The challenge

Despite being recognised as a brand of exceptional quality by whisky connoisseurs our client was struggling to make inroads into the wider market, particularly overseas. They needed to know how best to communicate their brand qualities to a wider base through shopper insight.

The Breaking Blue solution

We engaged face-to-face and online with whisky buyers and sellers in the UK, US, Germany, Russia and Taiwan, to find out what messages and what ‘brand stories’ would resonate with target groups (drinkers, retailers, bar staff), in each market. We explored attitudes and responses to messages, packaging and stories.


We provided detailed insight on the attitudes and drivers behind single malt purchase decisions and identified key actions to make our client’s brand more resonant. As a result our client has carefully aligned their product portfolio and comms messaging around a clear theme.

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