A B2B segmentation study across Europe

We developed a sophisticated segmentation of the B2B market across Europe for one of the world’s largest smartphones and tablets manufacturer.

The challenge

Our client wanted to understand the needs and behaviours of B2B customers, to complement and improve targeting by horizontal and vertical market. Their team needed us to develop a sophisticated segmentation of the B2B customer market for their smartphones and tablets, right across Europe.

The Breaking Blue solution

Based on a blend of quantitative surveys and in-depth interviews, we identified, sized and analysed the seven different types of target B2B customer that exist in European territory.  We went on to work with a number of our client’s digital marketing agencies to develop personas, profiles and models to bring the customer segments to life, and relate them directly to their go-to-market strategies.


As a result of our segmentation, our client are able to create customer strategy that targets the most valuable B2B customers and confidently forecast likely revenues and profits. Our work’s allowed them to optimise marketing messaging, channels and delivery, by:

  • Understanding what messages are most potent among the different B2B customer audiences
  • Identifying who within a business is most receptive to the brand’s messaging, their motivations, and at what point in the buying process to interact

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