The over 65 misnomer

I was with a client very recently and they were bemoaning the practice of companies still using the target market of ‘65+’.  I am totally with them on this one! In this day and age how well can you better demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of consumers if brands continue to address this age group as one homogeneous category?  For many of our clients we still persist with a 65+ break in our data tables for example.



Consumerism in China has come a long way since the initial market policies of the early 1980s. A whole generation has now been born into China’s burgeoning consumer society, and they are departing from the less commercial views of their parents. This generation is shaping China’s development – it is their attitudes and buying habits that will impact on how the West responds to, and works with, China’s growth.

In this presentation, Alison Hulme outlines some of the key trends in China’s consumer market, examining the attitudes behind consumerism in 21st Century; looking at, for example, generational differences in consumerism, the popularity of copycat goods and the reasons behind certain brand messaging successes and failures.

Read ‘Understanding the Chinese consumer in the 21st century’ here.


If you want to know the answer, stop asking questions

It started with UK Channel 4 TV’s Gogglebox  and now the concept’s a global phenomenon with the format franchised to US (Bravo TV’s The People’s Couch), China, Denmark, Ukraine, France, Spain, Canada and Germany. Yes, people love watching people watching telly. Indeed, I know many researchers who find Gogglebox addictive – it’s an ethnographer’s “busman’s holiday”.


Visualise your data!

Everyone knows humans are expert at pattern recognition. You know it, I know it.  Everyone knows it. Over time, evolution has ensured that we are very efficient at spotting patterns; whether it was the saber-toothed tiger lurking in the high grass, the ripe fruit waiting to be found in the bush or learning how a pack of herbivores move during a hunt, it’s a big deal for humans and a massive part of what we are. In fact, we are so good at pattern recognition that sometimes we can see patterns where there are none.  But I digress…