MRS 2012 – Greater insight in sight

Brian Kavanagh

I spent yesterday at the MRS Conference which was full of great papers, reflecting on recent developments and pointing the way ahead for research in the coming years. One speaker joked that his job title is, “Head of Customer Insight, or what we used to call market research.” Delivering greater insight into the consumer is what the industry aims to deliver and why this title is so widespread these days. As can be expected, how to gain these insights in the first place is the challenge.


Longing and Belonging

Krispy Kreme’s 26% rise in revenue is a great example of a brand bucking recessionary trends (Krispy Kreme increases spend as part of growth bid, Marketing Week, 8th March 2012).

In theory, this is one brand that shouldn’t be doing well. Its success is down to maintaining a premium price when wallets are squeezed, making it the envy of every brand on constant BOGOF or 3 for 2. Krispy Kreme has managed to do this by staying true to its core values and playing to the less obvious trend kick-started, in part, by the recession –  belonging .