No place like home…

mie LutherThe saying goes ‘home is where the heart is’, however in our current economic and social climate housing seems to be at the very heart of our economic crisis.  With high house prices coupled with banks & building societies requiring large deposits, plus concerns over job security, home ownership continues to be well out of reach for millions across the UK.  Research by the National Housing Federation showed that the average age of a first time buyer in the UK without parental assistance is now 39.


Y should I?

Echo-boomers, Millenials, the generation, whatever you choose to call Generation Y (those born between 1980-2000); there’s no getting away from the fact that we are a key generation with our own habits and characteristics (and yes, I am including myself here!). Having grown up during a technology and culture rich period there are certain expectations that we have of the world. 


The whole truth

I’m a news junkie and follow it on every digital channel that I can.  Sadly, the one news voice that doesn’t fit into my digital world is The Times – why subscribe when there is so much free content from other authoritative voices?  So, when I have the chance to read a real paper, this is the one I turn to to get a fresh perspective on the truth.

Today was no exception and my need for an all round view was rewarded.  David Aaronovitch’s Opinion piece about truth and media reporting in a digital age struck a chord.  He tables the notion of the Rashomon effect and argues that, “…there is a very big problem with the binary proposition that someone is telling the truth and someone is lying.”

At Leapfrog, we couldn’t agree more.  Like David Aaronovitch, we believe in the Rashomon effect – the belief that different people will have a different perspective of the same events, with fundamentally different interpretations and implications.