What does your name say about you?

Creating a memorable brand name in a competitive landscape is a huge challenge facing any organisation and marketers need every technique available to achieve this end.

One little known tool for boosting brand recognition that has had little attention is sound symbolism, defined as “the partial representation of the sense of the word by its sound.” In linguistic study, this is the idea that individual sounds carry their own meaning. Sound symbolism conveys information about object colour, shape, size, softness, speed, temperature, gender, friendliness and strength.


CES – Four innovations to get excited about in 2014?

martinWTechnophiles everywhere rejoice! The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is upon us once again. The annual forum brings together gadget lovers, tech companies and the world’s press, in an orgy of gadgetry and shininess. I’ve been there a couple of times and I absolutely love it.  Despite all the whooping and the hype, it’s a great place to discover what’s buzzing in the tech world.