To game or not to game: an investigation of the impact of survey visualisation and gamification

how to gamify surveysThis paper describes our unique experiment on the impact of visualisation and gamification on survey design for a low-engagement topic. This paper, which has also been featured in the International Journal of Market Research, explores why, when compelling evidence for the impact of more engaging surveys exists, the average survey has changed little in recent years.

Well engineered! The human side of hard work

I and my daughter, an aspiring engineer, are loving the #ILookLikeAnEngineer campaign. What exactly does an engineer look like these days? Do check out the campaign, it’s fun and a great way of highlight the issues of women and the lack of them in STEM.

This week, the UK’s Network Rail are also keen we have a think about what an engineer looks like, but more importantly that we think about the fact that engineering works are indeed the work of engineers.