Should we let employees have unlimited holidays?

I receLouiseA_smallntly went to the MRS Travel and Tourism Conference, and the most interesting thing I learnt there didn’t actually have much to do with travel or tourism. Helen Rose of the 7Stars and Lesley Dusart of Exterion Media did a great presentation on debunking myths about the travel sector, in which they reported that 46% of us agreed that we get the right amount of annual leave. In other words, only half of us at most are angling to get more than our allowance.



andyWMillennials like convenience. I know because every research conference has told me.

It’s why they don’t eat cereal.

In comparison, people born before 1980 require everything to be as complex and time-consuming as possible, refusing to eat breakfast without first firing up their coal-fired boiler, hand rolling their porridge oats and then walking 3 miles to purchase milk from the village dairy.


MR Summit 2016: Making sense of it all

After speaking at the MR Summit 2016 I was left thinking how important it is to get the message across.

There were presentations on big data, social media listening, video insights, online qual, and an immense variety of other ground breaking research methodologies. I was struck by a whole new world of data and insights, gathered in new and wonderful ways.

But the sheer amount of data that we can now collect can be overwhelming. With so much out there, how do we get to the crux of the matter?


Pedalling harder just to stand still


Press reporting of the fact that Apple now expects the typical iPhone to be replaced after three years, and Mac computers after four, has shed light on the challenge to the IT sector of declining hardware lives. Breaking Blue has been researching the lifecycles of IT products for over a decade, and we’ve built up probably a unique time series of how hardware lifecycles have evolved, based on research in several dozen countries.



Stirring the sleeping giant: Latin America in the spotlight

Martin_small2It’s the Rio Olympics this year, and the world will once again turn its attention to Brazil, and Latin America as a whole. Press coverage of the region is regularly unfair and negative, largely through ignorance and scaremongering, so a renewed focus might dispel some myths and shine light where it’s needed.

Yes, there is economic uncertainty – just as there is in other ‘emerging’ markets – but the region is tipped to grow strongly from 2017 onwards, and may well benefit from an Olympic-sized boost.


Is insurance finally coming of age?

PeggyY_small1Few people would challenge the fact that consumers’ buying habits have changed enormously over recent years and when it comes to general insurance this is no exception. Long gone are the days when you would walk up your local high street to purchase your car or home insurance from an office-based broker.

Not only would that seem inconvenient these days – something most of us could only do on a Saturday – it somehow feels that you have less control over what options you are presented with and the ultimate cost.