New Transport Research Report | Rail and compensation delays

The Department for Transport and Transport Focus have published the latest rail and compensation delays research report. Building on research we conducted in 2016, our study assessed the propensity of passengers to claim compensation when they are delayed. Our research also explored passengers’ awareness of their eligibility to claim compensation; the experiences of rail passengers…


ORR: Research into passenger experiences of Passenger Assist

In 2016-17, 1.2 million requests for assistance were booked by passengers to help them complete their journeys. This service is called ‘Passenger Assist’.

ORR commissioned us to explore passenger experiences of Passenger Assist across the whole process, from booking through to receiving assistance. We also evaluated overall satisfaction with this service . Our research has provided a robust evidence base that allowed  ORR to identify where arrangements for Assisted Travel can be strengthened.

Click here to read the full report.


Transport Focus: Rail delays and compensation – what passengers want

transport-focusEvidence from this latest research provides valuable insight into passengers’ experience of delays and claiming compensation. It shows a significant increase in the number of eligible passengers claiming compensation, from 12 per cent in 2013 to 35 per cent in 2016. The findings also help understand why some passengers don’t claim compensation.

Click here to read the full paper.


Should we let employees have unlimited holidays?

I receLouiseA_smallntly went to the MRS Travel and Tourism Conference, and the most interesting thing I learnt there didn’t actually have much to do with travel or tourism. Helen Rose of the 7Stars and Lesley Dusart of Exterion Media did a great presentation on debunking myths about the travel sector, in which they reported that 46% of us agreed that we get the right amount of annual leave. In other words, only half of us at most are angling to get more than our allowance.


Well engineered! The human side of hard work

I and my daughter, an aspiring engineer, are loving the #ILookLikeAnEngineer campaign. What exactly does an engineer look like these days? Do check out the campaign, it’s fun and a great way of highlight the issues of women and the lack of them in STEM.

This week, the UK’s Network Rail are also keen we have a think about what an engineer looks like, but more importantly that we think about the fact that engineering works are indeed the work of engineers.