Building a Productive Relationship Between Agency and Client: Shaping Product Design that Connects with What Consumers Really Want

Join us at QUAL360 in Berlin on 8th February! Our consumer insight specialist Kate Downer, together with our client, Melissa Blow at Samworth Brothers, will be: Examining a worked example of a ‘test and learn’ design – guided by real-time insights, and responsive to ongoing feedback Discussing the best way to build a simple, effective, and…


Experience: something you get while you’re shopping for something else?

If you read the retail press, you can’t avoid the assertion that online shopping is forcing brick and mortar retailers to work harder than ever to declare and portray an identity via the shopping experience.

This goes beyond excelling in one of the traditional areas of the retail experience – for example John Lewis with customer service, Poundland with value pricing, and Tesco Extra with depth of range – to ideas that offer a new and unique experience such as the in-store theatre that Sonos is providing in its Covent Garden store ‘homes’. All of this says to me that brick and mortar stores need to be more than just ‘places you buy things from.’


ORR: Research into passenger experiences of Passenger Assist

In 2016-17, 1.2 million requests for assistance were booked by passengers to help them complete their journeys. This service is called ‘Passenger Assist’.

ORR commissioned us to explore passenger experiences of Passenger Assist across the whole process, from booking through to receiving assistance. We also evaluated overall satisfaction with this service . Our research has provided a robust evidence base that allowed  ORR to identify where arrangements for Assisted Travel can be strengthened.

Click here to read the full report.


Overheard in Waitrose: a blog by Chrissie Wells and Kate Downer

Who was it that said an army marches on its stomach? It’s a saying that’s been attributed to no fewer than four figures from history* and that can be applied to society far more expansively than one little maxim suggests. We can learn a huge amount about any society from what and how they choose to eat and drink. And the Waitrose Food and Drink report 2017, covered in both Retail Week and the Guardian this week, delivers some fascinating insights into the UK consumer army. 


Auto-enrolment: the journey has just begun

Almost no government research was published over the election period and summer recess, but now the logjam has finally been broken with a flurry of reports.

As City AM reported today, our latest research for DWP has shown that small and micro-employers are really embracing auto-enrolment.

We explored the experiences and views of 70 small and micro employers and their workers. And we also look at how employees might react to the government’s planned increases to the minimum contribution levels.

Read the full report here: