Auto-enrolment: the journey has just begun

Almost no government research was published over the election period and summer recess, but now the logjam has finally been broken with a flurry of reports.

As City AM reported today, our latest research for DWP has shown that small and micro-employers are really embracing auto-enrolment.

We explored the experiences and views of 70 small and micro employers and their workers. And we also look at how employees might react to the government’s planned increases to the minimum contribution levels.

Read the full report here:


Work experience at Breaking Blue

To say “I have had work experience at Breaking Blue” doesn’t really do justice to what the company can do for you during your work experience week(s) and what you can do for them. To me, before Breaking Blue, work experience was a time to sit in a job, be surrounded by every-day chores and tasks that were average to a working day. I thought that was a regular experience, however, Breaking Blue have endeavoured to do so much more.


Sustainability – time to stop talking and start doing

If I had a dollar for every time I’d been tasked with finding out what customers think “sustainability” means I’d be a rich lady today!  For many years now, clients from across a full range of business sectors have been busy picking their customers’ brains to understand how important it is to customers and what they should do to meet their needs with regards to sustainability.


Just another average (behavioural economic-ed up) day…

Over the past six months I have been on a mission to build upon my expertise in Behavioural Economics (BE). It struck me the other day, that as well as me getting to grips with BE, BE was most definitely getting to grips with me! In fact, once you start to think about the principles of BE, you notice them popping up everywhere. It’s like a BE radar that you can’t seem to turn off. Here, for example, are some little incidences of BE in just one day last week.