Experience: something you get while you’re shopping for something else?

If you read the retail press, you can’t avoid the assertion that online shopping is forcing brick and mortar retailers to work harder than ever to declare and portray an identity via the shopping experience.

This goes beyond excelling in one of the traditional areas of the retail experience – for example John Lewis with customer service, Poundland with value pricing, and Tesco Extra with depth of range – to ideas that offer a new and unique experience such as the in-store theatre that Sonos is providing in its Covent Garden store ‘homes’. All of this says to me that brick and mortar stores need to be more than just ‘places you buy things from.’

Writing home: how the meaning of ‘home’ is changing – and what brands need to do in response

We Breaking Bluers are big on extra-curricular activities. When we aren’t cycling from Glasgow to Battersea, supporting our company charities or … supporting our local pubs … we like nothing more than a natter about the broader issues that affect the work we do. A few months ago, we hit on the idea of ‘home,’ suspecting that what it means is changing, and that brands should show consumers they understand.

Automatic enrolment: Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow

Kate Downer I’ve just re-read the chapter of Nudge called ‘Save more tomorrow,’ in which the authors consider ‘how private and public institutions might nudge people in directions that will make them a bit wealthier and more secure.’ Now, I reckon most of us are up for more wealth and more security. And as luck would have it, our latest report for DWP which looks at peoples’ experiences of automatic enrolment