Sustainability – time to stop talking and start doing

If I had a dollar for every time I’d been tasked with finding out what customers think “sustainability” means I’d be a rich lady today!  For many years now, clients from across a full range of business sectors have been busy picking their customers’ brains to understand how important it is to customers and what they should do to meet their needs with regards to sustainability.

If you want to know the answer, stop asking questions

It started with UK Channel 4 TV’s Gogglebox  and now the concept’s a global phenomenon with the format franchised to US (Bravo TV’s The People’s Couch), China, Denmark, Ukraine, France, Spain, Canada and Germany. Yes, people love watching people watching telly. Indeed, I know many researchers who find Gogglebox addictive – it’s an ethnographer’s “busman’s holiday”.

Well engineered! The human side of hard work

I and my daughter, an aspiring engineer, are loving the #ILookLikeAnEngineer campaign. What exactly does an engineer look like these days? Do check out the campaign, it’s fun and a great way of highlight the issues of women and the lack of them in STEM.

This week, the UK’s Network Rail are also keen we have a think about what an engineer looks like, but more importantly that we think about the fact that engineering works are indeed the work of engineers.

Print is dead, long live print!

Just a quick note as it’s been a busy week what with rebranding and all!

I was really interested to see this Trend Hunter article on interactive print ads. It hit on a subject close to my heart.

Who says print is dead? Generally the smarter money sees digital as sorting the wheat from the chaff – as the pro-print report we produced for Canon shows (published under our old brand name RS Consulting), print lives on – as our respondents were eager to tell us, print is effective – it can be written on, pointed at, handed out, shared with others, put in the post and so on.